Through the use of highly modern production procedures, we guarantee flawless quality, optical function and technical efficiency. According to the intended application, finishes are selected that are resistant, for example, to solvents or environment factors.

We utilise a sophisticated ventilation system and effective fire protection devices of the highest safety and environmental standards whereby optimum working conditions are also ensured. Years of experience, technical know-how and competent staff enable long-term success and dependable quality.


Innovation happens through people: the latest and best technology can only work if utilised by people of exceptional talent and ability. Competent staff and the respectful treatment of our environment are a guarantee for long-term cooperation with our customers and partners.

As a forward thinking company, we invest in research and development in order to guarantee even higher standards of environmental protection and employee safety. Through the permanent optimisation of our coating systems in relation to VOC regulations, the solvent content of our products is significantly reduced and our focus is on a higher concentration of low-VOC paints, that is, paints with a low content of volatile organic compounds.

Additionally, through the application of the latest paint and agitator technologies and stainless steel containers, we are one of the most modern paint factories in Europe.


Through modern technology and a broad range of neutral alternative substances, as well as low consumption rates, we exceed the high demands of the market for quality, environmental protection and productivity.

Environmentally friendly processing techniques and low-emission products of equally high quality - this is our motto for success. The reduction of solvent emissions and compliance with the VOC regulations of the EU is achieved through the use of water-soluble binder products with a high solid-state (high-solids). Additionally, we use only lead-free pigmentation.